After having come off of a successful national karting campaign in 2015 that ended with a Supernationals title but then ended in a departure from our chassis manufacture at the time it was clear we needed to make some decisions regarding our future and we felt the best way to do so was to take control of our own destiny and create our own chassis line.

With that we felt the need to produce a high quality chassis, that was ours. Our hard work, our management, our component selection, our frame selection and our dedication to our clientele. Ours. No longer would we have the distribution for something that we sold a significant number of only to have it fall apart a few years later for whatever reason that was out of our hands. We wanted stability so that our customers could feel confident that when they bought a kart, it was quality, it would perform, it was fairly priced and it would be there for the long haul.

We spoke with several manufacturers in Italy and other parts of Europe to get us started and after a long and tiring selection process we made our decision and we released our Atomica SLS chassis. This chassis is not some hobby machine designed to be sold cheap just to get people in the door. This is a highly engineered kart that can run at the highest level and over time will certainly prove itself. there is nothing on this kart that we haven’t looked at and in the end we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

We have done all of this so that we can offer everyone a great product that has people behind it who understand our industry here in North America, and will treat our clientele like a part of the team not just another phone call or email that we don’t have time to deal with. Our dealers will be treated the way they want and supported with all the technical knowledge we can offer and give them the opportunity to grow and develop their businesses with our products. We know this industry better than anyone both the good and the bad, and we are dedicated to making sure we are always on the good side.

So with that we present to you a great alternative , Atomica.



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