Italian made but developed and owned  right here in Vancouver. Atomica is the result of many years of racing at the top level however wanting all of that data, development and experience to be available directly to our clientele. Where most Italian brands are designed in Italy for European competition when the time comes to make it perfect for our market there is rarely much action. At Atomica we want to put you first so we have taken proven designs and formula’s that work here and developed a chassis built for you the racer.

With frames built in Northern Italy using high quality materials and components sourced and and developed by us we are ensuring our drivers are receiving exactly what they need.

With a mix of Chrome-moly, Steel, aluminum, magnesium and passion our karts will satisfy the most selective racer.


Technical Specifications:

30mm Tubing with a 32mm front rail  – AP Race Brake System – Douglas Mag Wheels – Agile (Ultra-lightweight) Bodywork Kit – Adjustable Ride Height – Adjustable Caster Camber – Alcantara Steering Wheel