The most important part of any racing kart is the chassis. This is the connection between you and the track and you need it to navigate exactly the way you want.  This is why we offer you top chassis from Atomica and CRG.


Atomica while new name to the karting scene is not a new entity by any means. It is the result our hard work in partnership with a top Italian manufacturer that is producing this chassis line intended for those who require a chassis built for them by people who care about their results. Designed and raced in North America manufactured in Italy for racers everywhere.


CRG is a top chassis line that has more world championship and european titles than any other manufacturer in the world. CRG have produced karts for racing legends such as: Michael Schumacher, Alex Zanardi, Riccardo Patrese and most recently F1 superstars Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Either way you choose you will be more than happy with your Race Lab racing kart.