It’s no secret we have been due for a new web presence and finally we are excited to be able to present it to the karting world. With over 4 months of plugging away the new RaceLab online headquarters offers improvements in every possible category. The new site is more than just a tool to portray our brand and products to people however it is a place we want racers and non racers alike to come to have a resource when necessary regarding the sport of karting. A real karting hub which we still feel doesn’t exist. We have built this site for you, the karter, the new guy, the veteran, whoever you are and wherever you are in karting’s journey we will have something for you.

New style and look.

We went with a more visually creative and exciting look which represents our sport. Colourful exciting and always updating.

E-commerce Major Overhaul

We have built a completely new store with all the items you need to launch a successful karting campaign. We’ve added documentation to many of our products so that the purchase decision making process is much easier for you. Simply we are trying to answer any questions you may have so your online shopping experience is a pleasant stress free one.

Constant updates will be a priority on our online catalog, what we have today certainly isn’t the end of it so keep checking as we will always be adding as it just wouldn’t be possible to get it all on there before we launched the site or the site would most likely never get launched!

Social Media Integration

You will be able to see our latest additions by following us on twitter as they will be automatically be tweeted, furthermore you can see our latest Instagram posts right here on our homepage. If you don’t follow us on Social Media be sure to add us!

Instagram: racelabkarting   Facebook:  Twitter: @racelab

Blogs & Video Blogs

While were not fans of being on the camera as many are we know it is the most effective way for us to help our followers so we will be adding videos as well as written articles on technical matters, issues regarding the sport and helpful tutorials to make this sport easier to understand for beginners.

Now enough talking about the site, please go ahead and look around and make sure you keep visiting us we’re always happy to have you.

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