Atomica Racing Karts are the culmination of passion for a sport and global leading technology. With our headquarters in Vancouver B.C we live in a city with a long history of success in motorsports. Each Atomica kart is welded in Italy using the most sought after tubing and then equipped with the highest quality components on todays market including the World Championship winning Dynamica bodywork, our EVO 2 Brake System and High Quality Magnesium components.

SLS Range (Jr/SR/KZ)

The SLS Range is our flagship chassis which was designed to take on any task thrown at it with ease and minimal adjustment all while capable of achieving maximum results.

The SLS Has multiple karting championships and race wins to it’s name and that is not by chance. This frame is simply dialed in and can dominate in any category from LO206 to KZ and everything in between, hard tire or soft tire the window of adjustability on this chassis is wide open and is ready to tackle whatever you throw at it.

The Mini

It is no surprise our Mini is built on the same chassis platform as the current multiple European and World Championship chassis. The only real difference here is we equip them ready to go for the North American market with our low volume mag wheels, matched Greyhound seat and adjustable front hubs. So no extras necessary just bolt on any mini motor of your choice and you will have the kart beneath you to take any race win on any given Sunday.