Getting the Right Seat for your Kart

When selecting a kart seat it can be somewhat confusing as you are always looking for a balance of handling, performance and fit. So with that we did what was a logical move for us and discussed seats with a World and European championship winning seat manufacturer Greyhound Seats of Italy. After discussing our needs and ability to work with a manufacturer who could assist us in ensuring we had the correct materials for our chassis as well as others.

What we found was there was a few seats that really pertained to our environment here given the tires and motors and chassis used in North America and we narrowed it down to a few that should make the decision making process much easier.

RS Series

This is Greyhounds top of the line seat line. It is the choice of many of the worlds top teams.
The two models we work with are the most popular, they offer a flat bottom, deep fit and great elasticity.

RS2 (Stiff)
This seat will work well for karts with lower horsepower or require more “wheel lift” in the rear to free up the chassis in high grip situations.

RS3 (Soft)
This seat works great in chassis’ that are a little stiffer and require a little more rear grip.
We use the RS3 Seat exclusively in our mini karts as they have proven internationally to be the most successful seat in that format.


This is one of the coolest looking seats out there and if you’re looking for a soft seat that is reliable and performs consistently well. A great balance for both Tag and Shifter karts this seat could be what you are looking for. If you want something in the middle the Silver R is a great option. This was the seat used by Gabriele Mini to win the OKJ Euro Championships this season.

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