Villeneuve Racing Karts (JV Karts) are the flagship product in the Racelab range of racing karts. Built using the lessons learned on every product in our family that preceded it, the JV Range represents over 100 years of kart racing experience, honed to perfection. Each JV Kart is manufactured in Italy using the state of the art techniques and materials.  Each kart arrives with elite level specs, including a Jecko Seat, magnesium components, and simply stated, the JV Kart is a winner right out of the box.

The JV1 is our flagship TaG chassis.  It has been designed for maximum adjustability and consistent performance over a wide range of track conditions. It is capable of running at the front, regardless of the track or surface.

The JV1 is suitable for all Sr. and Jr. TaG categories including both 100 and 125cc.  It can be used as a suitable platform for LO206 racing with the removal of the third rail and the optional teflon front bar.

The JV6 Is our Shifter Chassis with a winning pedigree rivalled by none. its 32mm frame is made of the highest standard tubing available in Europe and comes equipped with front and rear self adjusting hydraulic brakes. The JV6 comes equipped with a World Championship winning Jecko seat as well as selected magnesium components and comes fitted with KG 506 bodywork with a JV Custom graphic Kit.

The JVJr
No one understands that a successful racing career starts early like Jacques Villeneuve who has had a lifetime of racing success. To do this we needed to focus on a mini kart that could win out of the box while require limited tuning to do so in order to put the focus on your young racer. Our JVJR is a 28mm frame with 30MM axle, equipped with high quality mag components unlike any other mini kart on the market.

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