Back To the Track

COVID 19 certainly has derailed our sport but the good news is we’re seeing tracks begin to open all over for practice days with Covid Measures in place.

As always we want to be there with you helping out and we will be present at certain tracks as much as we can however given the uncertainty of things we would suggest pre-ordering any parts you may need. Oil, Brake Pads, tires, sprockets, chains etc are a good idea to keep on hand as you will certainly need them whether we are there or not.

If you need parts you can either order online or call us and arrange a safe pickup at our Burnaby Location however we are not currently open full time.

When trackside we will also be putting in new measures to ensure you can still get parts from us in a safe manner.


We have been saying it for years and now it has never been more important to do so. We are suggesting you keep your helmets, balaclavas, gloves clean with our Molecule Refresh spray. Besides killing the stink in your gear it also contains antiseptic, antimicrobial properties which will keep your gear clean and cease the incubation of any bacteria, germs, and viruses that could be living on these surfaces. It is both fabric and skin safe and designed to win in these times. Molecule is also offering hand sanitizer which will be a necessity at the race track with accessible washrooms difficult to find during this crisis.

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