Time to Get Ready to Go Racing!

With the local racing season less than a month away it’s go time as far as your preparation program goes. If you would like us to handle that for you we would be happy to so go ahead and give us a call, message, DM whatever it is you’re using these days so we can book you in here. Need the parts to do it yourself? Same drill get in touch with us now so we can put together some items for you. We have also put together a list here for your use to look over and ensure before you show up to race one and wonder why your kart just isn’t the same as it once was.

Key Items to check

  • Battery,  A long winter can wreak havoc on batteries especially if they are not maintained. Furthermore on the Rotax engine which runs off of the battery once it has been through a seasons worth of cycles its performance starts to drop off so probably a good idea to make that your spare. We have affordable replacement options available here at the shop.
  • Exhaust Packing, This should be changed every 2-3 races for optimal performance as well as sound
  • Brake Pads, Because there is a little material doesn’t mean they are good. If you’ve used them more than 3-4 weekends you’re most likely due for a new set.
  • Carb, Is it gummed up? are the floats leaking?
  • Tires, Are they still ok ? winter has a way of drying them up and killing their performance. Plus this year there are new tire rules so you might want to start practicing on the new models to see how your chassis works in case you need to adjust chassis settings. You could need a new seat, axle or hubs as a result
  • Seat, Is yours cracked? if so its a safety risk as well its no longer doing it’s job transferring weight consistently.

Some Services We Offer to Help

  • Chassis Table, bring in your chassis and we can put it on our chassis table and ensure that your frame is not tweaked outside of tolerance. 95% of chassis that we measure are slightly bent as a result of hitting the curbs at the end of the straightaway. We can rectify that no matter what brand of chassis you are using.
  • Engine Prep, Bring us your motor and we can go through it and service it and ensure that when you flip the starter switch you have a good strong, reliable power plant at your side.
  • Seat mounting, New seat, driver get bigger? we can help you select the correct seat and mount it for you so that your weight balance is correct on your kart.


If you have any questions regarding your kart or servicing it correctly feel free to contact us and we are always happy to help!


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